First Deserve Then Desire

One day while reading newspaper I read a beautiful line in a struggle story of a personโ€Šโ€”โ€ŠFirst Deserve, then Desire. The story was about a young man in college. One day while the teacher was late in the class, he sat on the chair of the teacher and started acting like him (which I am... Continue Reading →


Best Download Manager for Android

Got bored from that inbuilt, simple, featureless, and speedless download manager of your android phone? Let me introduce you to this awesome app that can make your whole downloading experience cool, easy and fun. Now you can watch the video to see how the app looks like and then continue reading further. There is this... Continue Reading →

Success is 99% Failure!

It was the decade of the thirties. Like other nations of the world Japan was also facing economic crisis. In those days a college student had made a small workshop where he was working on the concept of piston ring. He thought that by selling this concept to a company in Japan he could earn... Continue Reading →

Best Notes Taking Apps for Android

Taking notes is a nearly universal task. Whether you've got lots of meetings at work or just like to dissect the minutiae of the Harry Potter universe, almost everyone has a reason to occasionally need to take notes. Almost everyone takes notes occasionally. While thereโ€™s a lot to be said for the good old-fashioned pen... Continue Reading →

Persistance is Inevitable for Success

What do you think makes someone successful? Do you believe them to be lucky? Do they have the perfect product to market? Are they exceptionally smart? While it is true that a little luck, a solid product and being smarts helps, true success comes from one thing: persistence. A dictionary definition of persistence is โ€œto... Continue Reading →

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