3 Best YouTube Video Downloader Apps

Although Youtube allows some of its videos to be saved offline, but it has a problem that the YouTube video is not saved in downloads and is sometimes not playable if there is no internet. But you can now download your favorite YouTube videos using any third-party apps. In this post I am giving you three best Youtube video downloaders to download YouTube videos. You can download any content via a download button or link shown on YouTube for that content.

Unfortunately there isn’t any official YouTube downloader in the Play Store. However, there are numerous third-party offline and online downloaders that aid in capturing video stream from YouTube. Here, I have compiled a list of 3 Android video downloaders that will help you to download videos from Youtube free of cost.

Please note that I have intentionally not listed popular apps like Snaptube, Tubemate, Vidmate etc. because I only want YouTube videos not all bullshit of the world like those apps provide. The apps that I mentio n are pure YouTube Downloaders that will allow you to download YouTube video in all the available formats or only music as you please.

So here are the three best YouTube Downloaders for you.

1) Newpipe

This is the number one YouTube downloader with all the features that you need. It is open souce and does not require any Google services.
Here are its features;

• Search videos
• Display general information about a video
• Watch or listen to YouTube videos
• Popup mode (floating player)
• Download videos or Download audio only

• Display general information about channels and Search channels
• Watch videos from a channel
• 1080p/2k/4k support
• Subscribe to channels
• Search history or Search/Watch Playlists and Watch as queues Playlists Queuing videos Local playlists Subtitles
• Multi-service support (eg. SoundCloud)

Download it from my mediafire storage; Download Newpipe

2) GetTube

At number two is GetTube a simple and clutter free YouTube downloader.
It has multithread downloader to offer fastest speed possible.

Hassle-free pause or resume videos anytime. Lost connection? The downloader will wait for connection and will resume then downloader without any user interaction.
With the built-in browser, open YouTube directly in GetTube and look for video you want to download. Then, a tap is enough on the download button.

Now, select desired format and video quality. It is also possible to download only the audio track of the video. So, you can load your favorite music from YouTube.

Get this amazing app from my media fire storage here; Download GetTube

3) YT3

Simple as GetTube this one also provides you all the features. Download any YouTube video or Music from this app. This one also offers speedy download like others.

Simple, yet powerful
YT3 Music Downloader has a simple and plain interface, and downloads start just in a few seconds!
YT3 Music Downloader lets you download any music with lightning speed.

Flat Design
You will not get lost in the application.
You will definitely find what you search.

Lyrics Support
Lyrics will be shown as you listen to the music.

Downloading mp3 could never be easier.
You like to watch music video? Here you go.

High Quality
You can download low quality or high quality videos, as you wish

Download this app from from my media fire storage here; Download YT3

So these were 3 pure and best YouTube downloaders for you. YouTube videos and songs are now permanently with you in your storage whether you are connected to internet or not.

Enjoy these cool and useful YouTube downloaders and do give your opinions.


4 thoughts on “3 Best YouTube Video Downloader Apps

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  1. That is awesome! I´ve never heard of any of those apps, I still use iTube (remember that one?) but it is not working properly anymore. I keep experiencing trouble whenever I try to connect it to my car sound system. I´ll try one of these for sure!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, I too earlier used other famous apps but they were not focused on what they were expected to do. These apps do exactly what they say and that too in an awesome manner.


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