Sarv-sangrah-wad i.e. The Principle of All Collectivism

From Swami Ramkrishna Paramhans to Benjamin Franklin all the great people of all eras practiced the philosophy of sarvasangrahwad that made them what they were. Instead of wasting their important time and mental energy in debating over which sect or religion, philosophy or ideology is the best, they ‘collected’ all the good things from every sect, religion, philosophy and ideology. They took and sorted out all the worthy things and imbibed in their character and thoughts.

Sarvasangrahwad is what this world needs right now. Instead of fighting with every other person over the issues of religion or ideology on Social Media, intelligent people just take whatever suits their need from them and follow it. Benjamin Franklin did the same thing. He took inspiration from various sources and imbibed them in his life.

The lack of All Collectivism is one of the reasons why people, religions or sect stand against each other. They forget that nothing in this world is absolute truth, you need to look from the other person’s aspect also. Instead of fighting let us collect whatever is good and will help in our self development. Let those social media warriors babble over who is best in the world.

This principle saves a lot of your time. That time which you spent in arguing, you could have utilised it in your self development. Every conscious human should follow this philosophy. Take and imbibe what is good for you be it ideas from a self help book, a point in a discussion, someone’s advice and so on. You never need to follow all the chapters of a self help book or all the advice. Remember you have the Power of Choice. Let’s choose not to waste time, instead progress on the path of self development with all the best ideas, tools, philosophy in our hand.

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