Top 3 Things This Month

Howdie everybody 😀 Hope everybody is doing great. Couldn’t post the last month because I had an exam and some stuff to do at home (however who gives a fuck I didn’t post the last month 😁 ). So lets come straight to the topic, in this article I am gonna tell you about some of the things that I think maybe helpful to somebody. This may include apps I discovered, websites I visited, a video I saw or maybe a song or a book that I read this month. This series will consist of the best things that I discover in any particular week or month. So without delaying any further, lets roll!

1] A website (

As you can guess from the name, it is a book related website. What makes this site cool is its simple UI plus vast plethora of almost any book you want to read. And that too in multiple formats like pdf, epub, mobi, fb2 and doc. The website limits to 5 downloads per day from one IP but you can increase increase this upto 10 books per day by simply signing up for free!
So, if you are a bibliophile, this site must be in your bookmarks. For a livid book readers’ only dream is to have a never ending library of his favorite books and I believe that this site won’t disappoint you.From self help books like The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck, The 5 seconds Rule and many more pro level books to the your favourite novels this website has it all. So now you have no excuse of not having money to buy and read books because here you will find all the books.

So what are you waiting for? Go and check out this awesome site right now. Here is the link;

2] An App (Pocket)

If you are a power android user, then this app will be already in your app drawer. And if it is not then here is the reason why you should have this amazing app. First let me tell you what this app does – suppose you came across some interesting webpage while browsing but you don’t have time to read it right now and would prefer to read it later, then this is the must have app for you. Just share your favourite read it later page with pocket, it will download the page for you and you can even read that page offline anywhere, anytime. Plus it supports in app TTS i.e. you can not only read your favourite page or article but also listen to it through the app.

3] A Book (The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin)

Who does not know about Ben. Franklin? There is so much to say about this great man that words will not suffice. I am of the opinion that every young guy should read this autobiography of Mr. Ben. Franklin who tells how a young man could become an epitome of success by making his own way and self education and self improvement while understanding his weaknesses and eliminating them in a practicable manner. This autobiography is like a guide for young men which inspires, motivates and takes you on a journey of self improvement.
Read and decide it yourself.
Download The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin from here;
Or of course you can download this book from the website I told you above.

These were three things that I came across this month and are certainly of use for everybody. Thank you for reading this blog.

See you soon with lots of new and amazing content 😘😘😘


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