Best Clipboard Manager for Android

We often come across something while browsing on internet that we want to copy, for using it later. Although the built in copy paste function is good but it is not efficient and lacks features. For example you want to copy down multiple text from the web page or say a pdf then in stock clipboard you need to paste the previous one first somewhere so that you can copy another text otherwise your data will be lost that is you can’t copy multiple different texts at the same time. This is a major drawback but now no need to worry because today you will know about this awesome feature full clipboard that will facilitate your cut/copy/paste tasks and save your valuable time. This is Clipboard Pro app. The most amazing function of this app is its drawing over other apps i.e. you can access your clipboard anywhere in your phone by tapping over its little dot on screen.

Its counterparts like Universal Copy, Any Copy etc. lack this functionality and this makes it my favorite app. It lets you copy different multiple texts at a time. Besides it has this awesome and beautiful UI.

Features of Clipboard Pro app are as follows:
â–ºOverlay display
Can be displayed in the upper layer of other apps.
â–ºFloating button
Can be quickly opened anywhere by the movable floating button.
â–ºQuick search
Search the word when copied.
â–ºImport / Export
Easily backup memos.

The version available on Google Playstore is a trial version with 2 days trial only. But do not worry I am providing you the pro version which you can use lifetime. Just head on to my cloud storage for direct download, no ads, no nonsense redirecting, always.
Note: The zip file is password protected. Password: thepsquareenigma
Download Link:

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