First Deserve Then Desire

One day while reading newspaper I read a beautiful line in a struggle story of a person — First Deserve, then Desire. The story was about a young man in college. One day while the teacher was late in the class, he sat on the chair of the teacher and started acting like him (which I am sure most of us would have done i our school days). Suddenly the teacher came, the student was very much scared but the teacher instead of scolding him or beating him said only these words — First Deserve Then Desire. These words became the inspiration of the young man and later he became a successful person in life.
The moral that this true life story teaches us is that — you must first be deserving if you desire something or want something. These words are very accurate and tell us the true meaning of life. In short they tell us the life philosophy. If we make these words the principle of our life, no doubt we will achieve success in life.
Majority of us have this bad habit of desiring for things that we do not deserve i.e. we have not done proper requisite work required to achieve that aim. We tend to desire for high aims in our life but do not tend to make a plan, work on it persistently and achieve the things that we aim for.
Actually desiring for something is not bad but not working for it is the main problem. If we desire for something then ww should be ready to work for it diligently. If you really want to achieve something in life, if you desire for something, then make a stepwise plan, to-do lists, work on them pertinently and stop not until you get what you desired for. Only day dreaming will not accomplish you anything. First deserve then desire.

This line works like magic. Once you accept this principle in your life you will see that half of your problems (desires?) are vanished themselves.
Think about your desires and yourself. Do you really deserve that lovely girl sitting next to you in the class or do you really deserve that scintillating Porsche passing through the road or do you really deserve that prestige, honor of a civil service officer and so on compare yourself to all your desires. If the answer of these questions is NO, then my friend start working (not just work, work very hard) on the obstacles that are not allowing you to achieve your desires.
The same questions I asked to myself after reading that story. And the results are astounding. Unfortunately, my all answers were NO (sorry but I have to accept the truth and you should also not hesitate to, because it would be you who will be affected by this, do not hide anything from yourself). And now I have identified my shortcomings and started working towards my desires. Now I have a plan and to do list. Life is no longer boring and dull as before.

What do you think on this guys? Share your story in the comments 😊😊


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