Pain is inevitable, suffering is Optional

Almost every person on this planet has wondered atleast once that why are all the pains, miseries of the world are upon him. Whatever be their financial conditions, poor and rich both have the same query. They literally languish over these causes. But the truth, it is something else. There is a fine line of... Continue Reading →


3 Best YouTube Video Downloader Apps

Although Youtube allows some of its videos to be saved offline, but it has a problem that the YouTube video is not saved in downloads and is sometimes not playable if there is no internet. But you can now download your favorite YouTube videos using any third-party apps. In this post I am giving you... Continue Reading →

Top 3 Things This Month

Howdie everybody 😀 Hope everybody is doing great. Couldn't post the last month because I had an exam and some stuff to do at home (however who gives a fuck I didn't post the last month 😁 ). So lets come straight to the topic, in this article I am gonna tell you about some... Continue Reading →

Best Gallery App for Android

So I got this stock gallery app that won't even allow me to even move or copy my pictures from one folder to another. Like wtf bro you are a gallery app atleast let me manage my photos properly 😕. Thanks to the third party apps that save us from the bizarre limitations of the... Continue Reading →

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